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Our Story

Overwhelmed by your demand to support Latinx businesses, we continued to hit one roadblock. They seem impossible to find! And you’re right. Casi imposible, because 45% of small Latinx-owned businesses don’t even have a working website, and the other 55% are competing with major online retail brands. And yet, Latino-owned businesses contributed about $500 billion to the economy in annual sales! 


We heard you. We want to help you support Latinx-owned businesses. After encountering the lack of authenticity, and poor quality products from non-Latino online sellers appropriating our culture, selling knock-offs, and profiting off our rich heritage, we knew there had to be a better way. Our small Latina-owned businesses are getting lost in the mix…until now.

Latina Made is putting in the work. We’re sourcing Latina makers, independent designers, and authors, and bringing them to you in one easy-to-find location – the Shop Latina Made marketplace. With your support, we can make the marketplace a reality.


Through the Shop Latina Made marketplace, you get peace of mind knowing that you’re getting high-quality products, are protected from fraudulent merchants, and are a part of a community that aligns with your beliefs, interests and in our case, offers a cultural connection.

By supporting the Shop Latina Made marketplace, you’re not only empowering Latinx crafters and artisans, you’re contributing to the diversification of the global economy and creating jobs.

Even if you don’t identify as Latinx, odds are your life has been impacted by a Latinx-owned business. As the largest intersectional culture in the US, Latinos often cross-identify as Asian, African, Indigenous or European. Which means, you’re a part of the familia, too. Your contribution to Shop Latina Made uplifts all those within the BIPOC community. 

Our Mision

Shop Latina Made is an online marketplace dedicated to Latina makers selling their authentic, handmade products. We are committed to raising our comunidad by providing a booming hub for innovative mujeres to showcase their unique creativity to the mass market and the resources to help them grow their businesses. The mission of Shop Latina Made is to advance the lives of our gente through business acceleration and job creation. We are incredibly passionate about our mission because although Latinas are trailblazing as the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, especially within women as a whole, Latinas are lagging behind when it comes to actually generating revenue. Join us in our mission to give our comunidad la fuerza to break barriers and accumulate generational wealth. 

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By supporting the Latina Made Marketplace, you’re making it easier for Latina creators to sell their goods and for buyers like you to find them!

Make an impact & get VIP access to authentic, quality goods crafted with care by Latina creators. It’s all about the bennies! With your contribution you get:


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Your donation gives you exclusive access to new product releases, deals & discounts before anyone else and the latest chisme on all things Latina Made!

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